Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Responsibilities of a Fast Food Cashier

Anyone working at handling the fast food responsibilities will be fortunate to taste fast food as and when one wishes for it. It is a different fact that one will have to pay for it. Some people live to eat while some eat to live. Since I belong to the first category I took up this profile of a fast food cashier where I get to eat while I handle my responsibilities.

I still remember the day when the request came to my mail box I was surprised as I am over qualified to work at this post. But a person who lives to eat could not have got a better opportunity to start off with.

In order to grab this opportunity I had to study the role of fast food cashier in depth and accordingly prepare my resume for fast food cashier. The study led me to the following information:

The fast food cashier responsibilities revolve around the monetary transactions happening in the fast food establishment. A fast food cashier is responsible for the profit that the center earns. It is his prime responsibility to see that the establishment runs smoothly and process the bills through cash or credit transactions. The fast food cashier should be prepared to multitask handling various jobs like taking the orders from the customers, handing food to the customers, and also handling the payment of the customers. 

The next thing that I had to do was to get a good resume marketing my qualities. A resume though it shows I am over qualified for the post but at the same time should also reflect my customer services which are beneficial for them. Thus I took some help from the customer service resume examples to make my resume speak for me. The main template had to be designed from fast food cashier resume which had a good list of pointers justifying my capacity of handling the fast food cashier responsibilities.


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